Automatically Upload Zoom Cloud Recordings to OneDrive

Automatically Upload Zoom Cloud Recordings to OneDrive makes it easy to automatically back up your Zoom Cloud Recordings to OneDrive, among other cloud destinations. Automatically uploading your Zoom recordings to OneDrive is free to try and inexpensive to renew. In addition to helping us develop more features and unlocking OneDrive, a premium subscription also unlocks other destinations such as YouTube and Google Drive.

1. Sign into using your Zoom account.

2. Select the OneDrive - Personal backup destination

3.  If you're already logged into OneDrive, it will automatically pair with your account. If you aren't logged into OneDrive, log into your OneDrive account and grant permission to
Want to pair with a different OneDrive account? Go to OneDrive, log out of your current account and log back in with the correct account.

4. Scroll to the right of "Backup Locations" and click on "Options" to configure your advanced settings.